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Location & hours

We are located at:
1215 W. State Street
Boise, Idaho
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The regular business hours of the State Insurance Fund are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday-Friday, except for state holidays. Documents received by the Fund outside of regular business hours will be recorded as received on the business day following receipt.

Phone numbers


Boise area

Contact us


Please use the following mailing address for:

General correspondence

Idaho State Insurance Fund
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0044

Premium payments

Idaho State Insurance Fund
PO Box 990002
Boise, ID 83799-0002

Payroll reports

Idaho State Insurance Fund
PO Box 990007
Boise, ID 83799-0007


Send faxes to one of the following areas:
Claims: 208-332-2171
Underwriting Information and Certificate Requests: 208-332-2390
Payroll Reports: 208-332-2288


Client Relations Department

If you have a question or a comment, but you are not sure where to direct it, start with the Client Relations Department. If we can't help, we will direct your e-mail to someone who can.

First Report of Injury form

If you report injuries using the First Report of Injury form as an e-mail attachment, the correct address to use is this address. We encourage you to use the upload method to report claims. It's not that much different than sending an e-mail attachment and it is a more secure method. For more details, go to the upload page.

Claims Department

Use this address to obtain general claims information or to provide information on a specific claim. If your request or information is about a specific claim, please include in your message the claim number and the name of the examiner handling that claim. Do not use this address to e-mail a First Report of Injury form.

Use this address if you are a medical provider and have a question regarding a recent payment or the status of a submitted bill.

Underwriting Department

Use this address if you have questions concerning ownership, classification codes, a change in address or a change in the status of your business. If you buy another business or sell your business, let your underwiter know.

Application for a policy

Use this address to e-mail an application form as an e-mail attachment. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Audit Department

Use this address if you have a question about premium auditing. If you are inquiring about a payroll report revisions or the results of a physical audit, please include your business name and policy number. Please do not attach payroll reports, payroll documentation or any type of payroll spreadsheets.

Risk Management

If you have a question about Risk Management, then the Risk Management Consultant assigned to your policy is the person to ask. If you don’t know who your assigned Risk Management Consultant is, or if you have a general question or request, then use this address. Be sure to include your policy number and other contact information. .

Human Resources Services

Use this address if you have questions about employment opportunities at the Fund or if you need assistance in receiving an application package for a position posted at Job Opportunities.

Manager's Office

Use this address to contact the Fund's Manager.

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