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Income benefits

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In order to receive income benefits, the time lost from work (disability) must be authorized by your treating physician. Income benefits are payable if you are disabled from work more than five calendar days. Benefits are payable from the sixth day after disability unless you are hospitalized overnight or disability exceeds 14 days. Under these conditions, benefits are payable from the date of disability.

Total Temporary Disability (TTD)

Benefits are paid when you are temporarily totally unable to return to work. Benefits are generally paid every two weeks.

  • During the first 52 weeks of disability, the income benefit level paid depends on your average weekly wage. Most injured workers will be paid 67% of their gross wage. However, the benefit level cannot be higher than 90% of the State Average Weekly Wage or lower than 45% of the State Average Weekly Wage, which is an amount determined each year by the state Department of Labor. In no case, can you receive more than 90% of your gross wage. Temporary total disability subsequent to the first 52 weeks shall be set at 67% of the State Average Weekly Wage (subject to the maximum and minimum amounts).
  • Benefits cease when you return to work, are released to return to work, or your medical condition becomes stable (whichever occurs first).
  • Benefits may be stopped if you fail to comply with prescribed therapies or doctor's orders, fail to keep medical appointments arranged by the Fund, or refuse to return to work at a physician-approved modified job that your employer has made available to you.

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Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)

Benefits are paid when you are temporarily partially disabled, but able to resume work in a different capacity, or on a part-time basis at a reduced rate of pay.

  • If you can work for reduced hours or reduced pay during your period of recovery, benefits are payable at 67% of your decrease in wage-earning capacity. Benefits cannot exceed the income benefits payable for total temporary disability. Documentation of rate of pay and actual hours worked are needed before payment is made.

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Permanent Partial Impairment (PPI)

Benefits are paid when you have suffered a permanent partial loss of function of a body part. Determination of impairment is based on a medical assessment done by a physician.

  • An impairment rating is given based on the loss of function of a body part as it would relate to total amputation of the body part. A schedule of income benefits is set out in Idaho Code 72-428. The rate of pay is calculated on the percentage of impairment given by the physician. The number of weeks is then multiplied by 55% of the State Average Weekly Wage in the year of the injury.
    Idaho Code 72-428.  Scheduled income benefits for loss or losses of use of bodily members

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Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

If you suffer a permanent partial impairment and also suffer a decrease in your wage-earning capacity, you may be entitled to a Permanent Partial Disability. The percentage of disability is determined by the Industrial Commission based on the facts of the case.

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Death benefits

The workers compensation law provides for certain death benefits if a worker dies as the result of a compensable accident or disease.

  • Burial expenses up to $6,000 and transportation of the body.
  • Spouses and dependents are entitled to certain weekly benefits for a specified time. The level of benefits, duration of benefits, and dependents covered are set out in law, Idaho Code Title 72.
    Idaho Code 72-413.  Income benefits for death

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