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Avoiding cancellation

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There are several things you can do to avoid having your policy cancelled.

Report and pay on time

Review your payroll reports and invoices to be sure the reports and payments are received in our Boise office no later than the due date listed.

Have records available for an audit

You may be requested to make your records available for an on-site premium audit.  Failure to make your records available could result in cancellation.

Make a reasonable attempt to control losses

If you have a lot of claims and you are not making a sincere effort to minimize and control losses, your policy could be cancelled.

Respond to requests for information

If you fail to respond to requests for additional information, your policy could be cancelled.  If you do not understand why certain information has been requested, call your agent or your underwriter for an explanation.

Provide accurate information

Be sure to provide accurate information about your business operations and your payroll.  Deliberately misrepresenting the operations of your business or your payroll may result in your policy being cancelled.

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