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Certificate of Insurance FAQs

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When should I request a Certificate of Insurance?

You should request a Certificate of Insurance from any contractor or subcontractor doing work for you.

How long should I keep a Certificate of Insurance?

Certificates will be requested during a physical audit, so they should be retained until the policy period is past the audit period.  The National Council on Compensation Insurance states that the insurance company can audit up to three years of past records.

What happens to a certificate when a policy cancels?

The State Insurance Fund will endeavor to notify certificate holders when a policy cancels. 

I keep getting cancel notices and reinstatement notices on a certificate I do not want or need.  How can I stop this?

208-332-2138 or send an e-mail to and ask to have your name removed from the policyholder's certificate holder list.

Who can order a certificate?

Only policyholders and/or their agent of record can order a Certificate of Insurance.

What information do I need to order a certificate?

Your name and your policy number, and the name and complete mailing address of the party you want the certificate sent to.  We can fax the certificate if you provide a fax number.

I had a Certificate of Insurance issued to someone I was doing work for. The project is finished, and I no longer need them to have the certificate.  What should I do?

Call 208-332-2138 or send an e-mail to and ask to have the certificate holder removed.

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