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Workers compensation in Idaho

The State Insurance Fund

The State Insurance Fund was created by the Idaho Legislature in 1917.  The State Insurance Fund is not tax-supported and the State of Idaho is not liable for any indebtedness incurred by the Fund. The State Insurance Fund has no regulatory or enforcement powers.

The Workers Compensation Act

The Workers Compensation Act was enacted in Idaho in 1917.  The law is Title 72 of the Idaho Code.
Idaho Code Title 72 - Workers Compensation Law

Other agencies involved in the workers compensation system

Department of Insurance

The Department of Insurance is the state agency that administers the Idaho Insurance Code and the Uniform Fire Code.
Department of Insurance

National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)

The National Council on Compensation Insurance is an independent company approved as the rating organization in Idaho.
National Council on Compensation Insurance

Idaho Industrial Commission

The Idaho Industrial Commission is the state agency established by Idaho Code to administer and enforce the workers compensation law. Their responsibilities include:

  • Rehabilitation: assisting injured workers in returning to compatible employment that is as close to their pre-injury wage and status as possible.
  • Employer compliance: ensuring that all employers are in compliance with the workers compensation law. 
  • Benefit administration: providing information to all parties about their rights and responsibilities, assisting in dispute resolution, and reviewing settlements and closing documents to assure workers receive appropriate benefits.
  • Adjudication: managing the complaints and appeals filed as well as resolving medical fee disputes filed by healthcare providers and workers compensation payors.   

Idaho Industrial Commission
Idaho Code 72, Chapter 5 - Industrial Commission

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