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Computer Ergonomics

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The office environment has changed much in recent years. These days, almost everyone uses a personal computer or some type of VDT (video display terminal) on the job. Occasionally, computer users experience muscle aches and pains, eye fatigue, and other similar problems when their work routine is static and sedentary. The good news is that these problems are mostly preventable by taking occasional “mini-breaks”, by avoiding stationary postures, and by adjusting computer equipment and furniture to satisfy the individual needs of the persons using them.

Straightforward remedies exist

Fortunately, straightforward remedies exist for most of the workstation problems encountered by computer users. Small adjustments to a chair, keyboard angle or monitor often result in quickly noticeable improvements. Also, a task or work style can sometimes be modified so that tiring or strenuous activities are avoided. However, making the proper changes involves a basic understanding of something called “ergonomics.” In general, ergonomics is a practice that attempts to simplify the interaction between people and their environment, so that people can function safely and effectively.

Want more information about office ergonomics?

If you are curious about computer ergonomics in the office environment, consider reviewing the Practical Office Ergonomics link provided below. It presents a general discussion about ergonomics and also offers a twelve step procedure for properly adjusting most any workstation. In addition, feel free to review any of the other web links shown for guidance with your specific question or problem.

Practical Office Ergonomics
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An Ergonomics Approach to Avoiding Workplace Injuries

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