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Our risk management consultants are available to assist policyholders in reducing injuries and controlling losses through the following loss prevention services.

We can assist you with

  • Developing a written management safety policy
  • Establishing a claims management program to monitor claims progress and return injured workers to light duty, modified duty or regular work as soon as possible
  • Train-the-Trainer programs for key employees in specific areas such as the Forklift Training Standard or the Hazard Communication Standard
  • Site Assessments to help identify and correct physical hazards
  • Work Observations to analyze work processes and help develop safe work procedures

Some of our most important services include

  • Loss prevention surveys: To evaluate a policyholder's current loss prevention effort and identify loss prevention activities or actions the policyholder can take to help reduce or eliminate potential injuries
  • Supervisor Safety Training Program: A four-hour course designed to teach supervisors how to conduct loss prevention activities, reduce losses and improve performance.
  • Industrial hygiene surveys: Chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic stresses in the workplace can be evaluated and recommendations made to reduce or control potential risks
  • Supervisor Accident Investigation and Report Training: A one-hour course intended to help supervisors understand how to complete an accident investigation report, determine the real cause, and take corrective action 
  • Cost analysis: As part of a loss prevention field visit, we will help policyholders review their loss experience. We will help the policyholder understand the premium/cost relationship in insurance and recommend loss prevention activities that can help reduce those costs.

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