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Human error - Factors that cause accidents

The majority ofl accidents, both at home and at work, are caused by human factors. Sometimes our actions bring accident and injury to ourselves. Sometimes they leave behind the makings of an accident for someone else. When an accident is caused by human error, you can bet one or more of the following factors were involved. As you read through them, think about your work practices – are there some factors that consistently show up where you work?

NEGLIGENCE - Failure to observe safety rules or instruction, failure to maintain equipment. Just not careful.

ANGER/TEMPER - This can cause one to become irrational and to disregard common sense.

HASTY DECISIONS - Acting before thinking leads to taking hazardous shortcuts and making poor choices.

INDIFFERENCE - Lack of attention to the task, not alert, daydreaming.

DISTRACTIONS - Interruptions by others while performing normal job duties or non-routine hazardous tasks. Family troubles, thinking about bad news, or horseplay.

CURIOSITY - Doing an unknown thing just to see what happens.

INADEQUATE INSTRUCTION - Untrained or improperly trained person.

POOR WORK HABITS - Cluttered floor/work area, loose clothing, no personal protective equipment.

LACK OF PLANNING - Two or more people, each depending on the other to do the same thing which doesn’t get done.

OVER-CONFIDENCE - Too cocky, taking chances, macho behavior.

IMPAIRED ABILITY - Fatigue from inadequate rest. Working under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes just being aware of these accident causing factors can help us to eliminate them from our work practice. But to get rid of most of these factors takes working together. Discuss these factors and how to eliminate them with your co-workers.



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