Protecting the health and safety of your employees.

As Idaho’s preferred provider of workers’ compensation insurance, we help organizations of all sizes get more value out of their coverage. From cost-effective premiums and streamlining the claims process to improving worksite safety, we’re committed to help you enhance productivity and reduce claim costs.

We serve all of Idaho

SIF has Business Development Executives, Safety Services, and Audit located across the state. Wherever you are, we can have someone at your office quickly to assist you and your customers.

In-house examiners help streamline claims

Internal examiners, not a third party, handle our claims. Keeping the claims in-house means our injured workers and policyholders receive consistent customer service and support.

Safety services are free for policyholders

We work with policyholders to protect their employees, improve productivity, and hopefully reduce claims. Our Safety Services Consultants offer on-site supervisor safety training, cost analysis, site assessments, and work observations—all free.

Partnership with Optum reduces claim costs

Our partnership with Optum, a leading healthcare cost containment company, provides prescription medication savings, access to a PPO network, and contract discounts to reduce medical costs for claims while providing access to quality care.

SIF provides workers' compensation insurance for nearly 35,000 businesses across the state. We're members of your community and strive to make Idaho a better place to live and work.
With a passion for serving, we truly care about the wellbeing of Idaho's workforce.

Navigating the Claims Process

Unfortunately, accidents happen. And when they do, the best thing you can do is report them immediately. Your employees get the fast, specialized care they deserve while your business gets the protection it needs.

The moment we hear from you is the moment your employee begins their road to recovery.

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Why Choose Us

Our customers are the sole purpose of our business. Keeping you and your employees safe is our number one priority. Hear what our customers have to say.

“Idaho State Insurance Fund is a workers claim insurer who is the best at what they do.”

Karen Echeverria
Executive Director, Idaho School Boards Association

“Employers do not appreciate the liabilities if their insurance is not handled properly. Good workers’ comp insurance provided by a respected carrier like SIF is important.”

Cecilia Sweet
Human Resources Generalist-Compliance, Kootenai County

“I appreciate SIF’s quality of service when it comes to processing injury claims. They are great at helping both the employee and the employer through these challenging situations.”

Todd Marek
Agent, Northwest Insurance Agency

“SIF is valuable to us because their employees are professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with; plus, they help our clients improve the safety of their respective businesses.”

Jimmie Scrogum
Partner/Agent, Alta Insurance Agency

“SIF normally has a solution to fit business owners’ needs and does not have the restrictions for new business startups”

Bob Ricketts
Agent, Ricketts and Associates Insurance

“We’re all about working with local business and institutions whenever possible; that’s why SIF being an Idaho organization means everything to us.”

Kay Johnson
Owner, Dream Chocolate

Safety and Training

We believe a safety conscious work environment is one of the best business decisions you can make, and our Safety Services Consultants are committed to helping you achieve a safer workplace for your employees. Our team will assist you with creating or improving upon your current safety efforts, help you establish a claims management program, and will help you define and communicate your safety objectives. Visit our Safety page to learn more.

We offer on-site safety services that include supervisor safety training, cost analysis, site assessments, and work observations.

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SIF News

Safety tips, industry news, press releases, rate announcements and more! Stay up to date with SIF and what we’re up to right here on our blog.

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Safety Webinar Series: Accident Reporting and Investigation

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Keep your employees happy, safe & healthy.

We are the reliable and competitive source of workers’ compensation in Idaho. Ready to get started? A SIF appointed agent can help you get just the right policy for your business. We have real people here in Idaho who love to help. Have a completed application? Email it to

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