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The Heart of Idaho

Committed to helping you enhance productivity and reduce claims costs.

  • Cost-effective premiums
  • Streamlined claims process
  • Improved workplace safety
We’re all about working with local business and institutions whenever possible; that’s why SIF being an Idaho organization means everything to us.

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Idaho is our Home

We have Business Development Executives, Safety Service Consultants, and Audit representatives located across the state.

Wherever you are, we can have someone at your office quickly to assist you and answer your questions. 


PPO Network

We partner with Optum and Paradigm to provide excellent treatment and benefits for injured workers

• Pharmacy benefits with thousands of providers across Idaho and nationally
• Care at centers of excellence across the United States


Proactive Claims Management

Our Idaho-resident, in-house claims team coordinates care between injured workers, supervisors, and medical professionals to help control claims costs.

Injured workers receive consistent care and support with the goal of returning to work as soon as medically able.

Employer FAQs

How do I apply for a policy?

If you're already working with an insurance agent, reach out to them about submitting an application to SIF for your business. If you don't have an agent, or would like to apply directly, click here to get started with SIF  

How do I register for online access to view my policy?

If you have a policy with SIF, you may register for online access on our Create A Policyholder Account page. 

 If you aren’t a policyholder yet, get started here.

What information is available on the Policyholder Portal?

Our Policyholder Portal provides billing, status, and claims information relevant to your policy. Policyholders may also: 

  • Pay bills
  • Create a Certificate of Insurance
  • Obtain contact information for their service team
  • View and download claims by policy period, all open claims, compensation paid, loss history and loss experience analysis reports
  • View and download payroll reports, mail audits, invoices and policy documents 
  • Retrieve renewal information. Renewal information is generally available about 30 days prior to policy renewal. 
Who does my workers’ compensation policy cover?

Workers’ compensation covers workers who are not expressly exempt under the provisions of Idaho Code 72 (exemptions may apply). If exempt workers have filed an election to come under the law as provided in Idaho Code 72-213, they also have coverage.   

Employees who work outside of Idaho, even on a temporary basis, may require reciprocity agreements and extra-territorial certificates of insurance. For more information, please contact the Idaho Industrial Commission. 

What is the difference between an independent contractor and a subcontractor/worker?

Please contact your Agent or Business Development Executive for more information about the difference between independent contractors and subcontractors/workers. You may also view more information on the Idaho Industrial Commission website.

Do I need a policy if I don’t have employees?

SIF does not offer policies where “no insurable interest” is evident.  
Businesses who do not have, and do not anticipate hiring employees, will receive an expedited declination which allows them to apply for a policy with the NCCI Residual Market or other carriers. 

What determines my premium?

Many factors go into deriving the cost of a workers’ compensation policy. Three major elements include: 

  • Classification Codes. These are based on the overall nature of your business.
  • Rates. Rates are determined for Idaho by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and are updated annually.  
  • Payroll. Payroll and substitutes for payroll are also used to calculate your premium. 

Other factors may include: 

  • Alcohol and drug-free workplace credits 
  • Experience modification (e-mod) 
  • Scheduled debits or credits based on the effectiveness of your workplace safety efforts compared to other, similar, workplaces. 
  • Liability limits for the employer’s liability portion of your policy. 
  • Waivers of subrogation 
  • Disease charges for unique exposures (for instance: asbestos abatement, explosive cartridges, etc.). 
How do I renew my policy?

Your policy will renew automatically unless you notify us in writing 30 days prior to the renewal date. Your policy may not automatically renew if you fail to report or pay in a timely manner, fail to respond timely to SIF’s requests, or if SIF has given you prior notice of non-renewal. 

Will making changes to my business affect my policy?

Changes in your business may affect your coverage. Contact your agent or Business Development Executive if any of the following occur: 

  • Ownership: Changes to the type of entity, persons, shares, officers, etc. 
  • Contact: Updates to your business mailing address, alternate billing address, phone number or email address.
  • Payroll: Significant changes in payroll or your workforce 
    Contact us if you are unsure what is considered significant for your policy. 
  • Work Performed: Changes to your business operation or the type of work being performed.
  • Adding, moving or closing a business location.
  • You purchase or become part-owner in another business. 
  • You sell your business or part-interest in your business.

How do I report payroll?

If you report payroll monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, the easiest way to report your payroll is online. Create a user account for our Policyholder Hub, log in, and report your payroll online. You may also use our paper form and email your completed report to payrollreports@idahosif.org.

Click here to learn how to submit your payroll.

What information do I need to prepare for my audit?

Premium audits are periodic reviews of your business records. Typically when we request an audit we’ll need to see basic business records. Click here to learn more about virtual and in-person audits.