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Hurt at work? Receive consistent care and support with the goal of returning to work as soon as you're medically able.

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A Straightforward Claims Process

  • SIF covers your workplace injury or illness

  • We also provide income benefits to those who qualify

Watch our video to learn more about how we calculate your Average Weekly Wage

Claims, Step-by-Step

Step one

Report Your Injury

Report your injury to your supervisor. Your supervisor will help fill out the First Report of Injury Form

Step two

Initial Treatment

Your medical provider will assess if you can return to work or if further treatment is required. You may need ongoing medical care. Keep seeing your medical provider and take part in recommended treatment and recovery plans


Step three

Keep in Contact

Keep in contact with your medical provider, supervisor, and claims examiner so you can return to work at the appropriate time

Step four

Return to Work

We will work with you and your employer to help you return to work as soon as you're able

Injured Worker FAQs

Who do I contact about my claim?

Your Claims Examiner is your point of contact throughout the claim process. If you’re not sure who your examiner is, please call us (800) 334-2370

My injury has been reported and my claim is open, now what?

We recommend following your doctor’s orders. Keep your employer and Claims Examiner informed of your progress and ability to return to work. Be sure to ask your doctor questions to help you understand your injury and what to expect.

What else should I expect during this process?

It is normal for your examiner to ask questions or for more information about your injury. They may also ask for:

  • A statement about the incident from one of our in-house investigators

  • Your salary history from your employer to determine your income benefits

  • A Medical Release Form to allow us to request bills and medical records

  • A police report, photos, or product information if another person, faulty machine, or product caused your accident

  • The Idaho Industrial Commission Rehabilitation Division to help build accommodations at your job to help you get back to work sooner

  • You to see an independent medical provider for an evaluation
Can I change physicians?

Your treating physician must write a referral if you would like to change physicians. If you are unable to get a referral, contact your Claims Examiner to request a change.

What do I do if I receive a medical bill related to my claim?

If you receive a medical bill for an open, or recently closed, claim please contact your provider with your claim number.

If SIF has only paid part of the bill you receive, contact your Claims Examiner.

You do not have to pay medical bills directly related to the treatment of your injury. You are responsible for medical bills, or portions of bills, not related to your claim.

What if I don’t agree with a decision made about my claim?

If you don’t agree with a decision made about your claim, contact your Claims Examiner. They will work to understand your concern and discuss options or why the decision was made. If you still do not agree, you may request a hearing with the Idaho Industrial Commission.