Medical Provider

SIF provides workers’ compensation insurance to a majority of Idaho’s employers. As a medical provider, your organization may provide medical services for an injured worker covered by a SIF policy. We work to build a partnership between you and our staff to make your experience with SIF as easy and efficient as possible. Our website portal allows you to search for a claim number, view bill status, payments made and associated Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Register for Website Access

Organizations providing service to SIF injured workers may request online access to view bill status, get Explanation of Benefits and search for claim numbers or examiner contact information. Download our Health Provider Web Access Authorization Form to request access for a person in your operation to become the Administrator. This person will be responsible for managing other web users in your organization. SIF is not responsible for unauthorized access.

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Submit a Bill to SIF

Medical providers may receive reimbursement for services provided by submitting your bill using one of the following document types:

CMS 1500
UB 04
ADA Dental

SIF accepts the current AMA CPT Codes and Modifiers. Out-of-state specific codes or guidelines are not accepted.

Please always include supporting medical documentation along with the patient’s full name, social security number and/or SIF-assigned claim number, if known.

We ask other service providers, such as pharmacy, transportation services, lodging, funeral home, social workers, etc., to submit charges on your regular invoice or billing statement. You must include your tax ID number and mailing address where payment is to be mailed. Include the patient’s full name, social security number and/or SIF-assigned claim number, if known.

Please send bills and documentation to:

P.O. Box 990004
Boise, ID 83799-0004

For any questions, please call us at (208) 332-2169. For new customers, or the first time submitting a bill to SIF, please be sure to include a W9 with the submission.

Medical Fee Schedule

SIF pays medical bills based on the medical fee schedule approved by the Idaho Industrial Commission. View the schedules here.

Please note: Balance billing is not permitted.
Per Idaho Code Title 72-432, you cannot bill the patient for the unpaid portion of a bill paid by SIF unless it is for charges unrelated to their injury or other non-covered expenses.

Surgery and/or Diagnostic Testing Request Form

Medical providers should submit a Surgery and/or Diagnostic Testing Request form to obtain prior authorization for surgical procedures, diagnostic testing, injections or other procedures or tests being recommended by the physician. The claims department reviews completed requests and notifies the medical provider of the results of the review. Please do not use this form for physical medicine authorization. Contact the claims examiner directly for approval.

Download the form from our website using the Download SIF Form link. Return the completed form and supporting documents by mail or fax to (208) 332-2171.

Contact Claims Department:
Main: (208) 332-2100
Toll-free within Idaho: (800) 334-2370

Provider Inquiries:
(208) 332-2169
or 800-334-2370 ext. 2169

Fraud Hotline: (800) 448-4743

Claims Examiner:
Fax: (208) 332-2171
Phone: (208) 332-direct extension

Surgery Authorizations:
(208) 332-2100
or call the examiner assigned to the claim.