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COVID-19 Mandate Expiration

COVID-19 Mandate Expiration

Effective July 1, 2023, some COVID-19 Extraordinary Loss Event mandates for workers’ comp will expire.


  • When Extraordinary Loss Event (ELE) Catastrophe Number 12 expires, COVID-19 related claims will affect your experience modifier (e-mod)
  • Employees reported as class code 0012 will move back to their applicable class code


  • Continue to report claims for COVID-19.
  • Only report infections contracted as part of an employee’s job duties

SIF will

  • Transfer employees listed under code 0012 to the applicable class code
    • We expect premium changes to be minimal
  • Continue to pay medical expenses and wage replacement benefits as applicable.

E-MOD Impact

  • After July 1, 2023 these claims will affect the e-mod for your business.*
  • The impact on the e-mod may affect policies renewing as early as March, 2024.


Early in the pandemic, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), the rating agency to which SIF belongs, mandated that COVID-19 claims be reported under Extraordinary Loss Event (ELE).

State and Federal regulations allowed employers to report paid, furloughed employees under class code 0012. This class code excluded employees with COVID claims payroll from premium calculations.

Click here to read more from NCCI on these updates.

*Note: COVID-19 workplace illness contracted before July 1, 2023 will not affect your e-mod


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