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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Links

Insuring a better future for Idaho is at the heart of SIF. The health and safety of all Idaho employees is paramount, and we hope the following information will help answer your questions and prepare your business for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Information about Coronavirus is constantly changing, so we recommend keeping up to date with the CDC website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coronavirus covered by workers’ compensation?

The answer to this is complex. Our approach is the same as any other claim of exposure to contamination or illness in a workplace setting. If a worker can show a connection between their job duties and the infection, then it may be compensable under workers’ compensation law. Because Coronavirus is widespread in the state, this may be more difficult to prove. A worker at that point would still need to trace the contraction of the virus to a particular time, place, and cause in their workplace for it to be payable under workers’ compensation law. Under Idaho law, to be compensable, an occupational disease must be characteristic of and peculiar to the trade, occupation, process, or employment and does not include hazards that are common to the public in general.

Is the quarantine of an employee covered?

This answer is also complex. Generally, the quarantine of an otherwise healthy employee is not compensable. If the employee were to become ill during their quarantine, and they could trace their exposure back to a specific time, place, and cause in their workplace, then it may become compensable.

Online Resources

We have a number of online resources to help our customers handle business from their office or home. Policyholders may register for our secure website at

Agents may fill out and email us this form for a website registration: (if you do not have access to a scanner, you may skip the signature step)

On our website, policyholders may:

  • Make payments
    • From our secure portal, we accept credit card payments for policies with an estimated annual premium under $25,000, as well as EFT payments for all premium levels.
  • Submit a First Report of Injury
  • Report payroll online (for semi-annual, monthly, and quarterly policies)
  • Contact SIF via email
  • Review policy information including claims information, loss runs, financial history, and past payroll and premium
  • Create a certificate of insurance
  • Download/upload forms (including policy applications, restricted duty work offers, notice of workers’ compensation posters, etc.)

Agents who have active policies with SIF may:

  • Review commissions
  • Receive renewal documents
  • Review book of business
  • Review policy transaction reports
  • Download/upload forms (EFT forms, policy applications, agency web authorizations, etc.)

Quick Links

For more information about Coronavirus please visit:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare:

The State of Idaho Coronavirus website:

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